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The Artigiansementi company of Tolentino (MC), a reality present since 1984 in the seed marketing and sorting sector, has chosen the efficiency and performance of the Fenix sorting machine to guarantee its customers a superior quality product and to increase its production, minimising waste. We are proud to be alongside this reality and to be an integral part of our customers' work. --- I am Andrea Scarpeccio from the company Artigiansementi srl in Tolentino. The company was born from Migliozzi’s family passion. It always seeks to implement its resources and assets to achieve a very high qualitatively result. We believe that the latter is the only way to have development in the seed sector. Our company mainly deals with tiny seeds, focusing on clovers and on the production and sorting of alfalfa. The main critical issues in sorting, as far as we are concerned, are focused on eliminating all the weeds that are most difficult to remove such as dodder, rumex and so on. This is a very complex process because the raw material year after year become increasingly full of these weeds. That is the reason why we felt it necessary implement and improve our sorting means. The choice of 3U Vision came after a long research of all available optical machines, we were convinced by the more satisfactory results than other optical sorters. As our sector deals with very small seed varieties, like gauges from one to 2 mm, we were happily impressed by the work done by the optical sorter just in function of these very small input product measurements. The actual production data corresponds with the assumptions that had been made during the tests we had carried out in 3U Vision Our relations with 3U Vision are excellent also with the machine, that is connected remotely, we can always interface with their technicians always available for updates or improvements in sorting process. We chose the Fenix sorter mainly because quality is a key point for us and in the selection process in the Fenix sorter we have found a very high quality of the final product and a high waste concentration. We also increased the production and reduce the time without having any quality drop in the final product. We try with time to increase our skills in handling all the potential the sorter has to improve its results and thus our sorting. --- 3U Vision srl - Sorting Solutions +39 0542 1881791 - Via Ugo La Malfa 20 - 40026 Imola (BO) Italy

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