Anfim Luna Barista Tips with Jessica Sartiani. Episode Two - Grind Size

Episode three of Anfim Luna Barista Tips with Jessica Sartiani! ☕️✨ - Grind size and adjustment All week we’ve been diving into the world of coffee excellence with our esteemed brand ambassador, Jessica Sartiani. Finally we talk about grind size. The grind of your coffee for espresso is a fine balancing act. Too course or fine and your espresso won’t be at its best. The Luna, thanks to its stepless grind adjustment makes fine tuning that espresso easy. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of tips from @johnsy_jessica_ Would you like to see more tips to elevate your coffee game? #AnfimLunaBaristaTips #CoffeeExcellence #DoseToPerfection #coffee #espresso

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