Making a genuine espresso coffee with Borbone Don Carlo Capsules COMPATIBLE is no longer an utopia.

As the other machines to which Borbone refers, even the Borbone Don Carlo capsules are available in five qualities: Blue, full-bodied and perfect roasting; Black, irreplaceable for those who love the creamy coffee; Gold, the real Neapolitan espresso; Red, what it takes to give you a boost of energy; Green, dek delicate on the palate with the characteristics of the traditional espresso.

*Lavazza ®, *A Modo Mio ®, *Lavazza A Modo Mio ®, *Espresso Point ® and *Lavazza Espresso Point ® are brands owned by Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. ®.
Caffè Borbone Srl is an independent producer not connected to Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. ®.
The compatibility of these capsules are for the functional use with home coffee machines by Lavazza ® Espresso Point ® - Lavazza ® A Modo Mio ® brands.

Don Carlo

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