The new Caffè Borbone capsules COMPATIBLE with Nescafé ®* Dolce Gusto ®* brand machines are essential for those who can't live without the aroma and body of a true Neapolitan espresso. Five blends offered by Caffè Borbone for sale online: Blu blend (balanced taste), Red blend (decided, for the right charge), Black blend (strong, with a distinct taste), Gold blend (Neapolitan tradition) and Dek (Green) blend (decaffeinated).

*Nespresso ® and *Nescafé ® *Dolce Gusto ® are registered names by Societè des Produits Nestlè ® S.A.
Caffè Borbone Srl is an independent producer not connected to the Societè des Produits Nestlè ® S.A.
The compatibility of these capsules are for the functional use with home coffee machines by Nespresso ® - Nescafé ® Dolce Gusto ® brands.


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