Dalla Corte Zero - Freestyle Water Flow and Real Time Weight

Let us introduce you to the new era of coffee with Dalla Corte Zero, Barista series. When using the Freestyle Water Flow setting, the barista can use the lever on each group’s side to start the extraction: each lever has four steps which are pre-set to a specific flow rate – 3,5,7 and 9 grams of water per second. The flow’s extreme precision is given by a new generation of digital flow regulation technology. The position of the lever and the flow rate are easily visible on screen, allowing the barista to keep the water flow under control at all times. Now let’s have a closer look at the barista’s routine from his perspective. The purge is easily activated by tapping on the screen where the temperature is. When you start an extraction, the most important specifics are always visible on screen. To activate the Real Time Weight control, all you need to do is press the yellow “Weight” button when the first drops of coffee start flowing down the portafilter’s spout: the grams of liquid flowing in the cup will appear on the screen. BE SOCIAL! Follow us at: Dalla Corte https://www.dallacorte.com Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dallacorte_espresso Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DallaCorteEspresso Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/dallacorte

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