SmartAging® by DRY AGER

The next level of Dry Aging

SmartAging® by DRY AGER

Dry Aging 2.0: The SmartAging® technology is the gamechanger for a new and unique taste of food.

Maximum flexibility and all in one cabinet: beef, pork, game, poultry, ham, sausage, fish, cheese, wine, herbs, pasta, or fruit. The possibilities are almost endless.

Choose your personal taste from three possible characteristics. 

You’ll achieve less weight loss and need to remove fewer dried areas. Ideal parameters and perfectly adjusted technology does make this happen.

Even for non-professionals, the production of more complicated products such as charcuterie or fish is now quite easy to achieve.

The ultimative book for Dry Aging "The Dry Aging Bible" written by Aaron and Christian Landig does show very impressive, on 336 pages, what is possible in the big world of food refinement.

All details about SmartAging® technology here:

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