The very best option for both serving your fine wines and storing open bottles. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR WINE SERVED AT THE CORRECT TEMPERATURE Tete à Tete offers a graduated temperature setting from 6°C at the bottom that is perfect for your White’s, Rose & Champagnes to a maximum of 22°C degrees for your Reds. A differential of 10°C is automatically set between the bottom and top temperature. Optimal access and secure rest for your bottles thanks to the “Main du Sommelier”. PRESERVATION OF OPEN BOTTLES Vacuum seal exclusive to EuroCave which prevents Oxidization and allows you to store two open bottles* perfectly for up to 10 days (depending on the type of wine and its vintage). 2 air vacuum heads, flexible for easy handling. A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE Flush-fitting or free-standing, the Tête à Tête wine by the glass system is perfect for hotel rooms thanks to its compact size and clean lines. FUCUNTIONNAL STORAGE 10 bottles horizontally with 2 bottles vertically.


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