Flexeserve welcomes Dave and Holly to the hot-holding revolution

The Home of Hot-holding welcomes Dave Hinton and Holly Francis to our team of specialists. ┬╗ Find out more: Dave: https://www.flexeserve.com/dave-hinton-joins-flexeserve-inc-to-spearhead-expansion/ Holly: https://www.flexeserve.com/holly-francis-to-boost-flexeserve-as-head-of-customer-development/ ­čĺíExplore our Flexeserve Solution and Unique Technology­čĺí ┬╗ Flexeserve Solution:https://www.flexeserve.com/foodservice-innovation-centre/ ┬╗ Our unique technology: https://www.flexeserve.com/foodservice-innovation-centre/foodservice-technology/ ­čŹĽDiscover Flexeserve­čŹĽ We are the industry leader in heated displays and food-to-go solutions, exporting our products and services around the world. Flexeserve enables major global retailers and independent outlets alike to improve their hot food programmes, reduce food waste and increase profits. Flexeserve is the only company able to help our customers achieve true hot-holding, through our Flexeserve Solution. ┬╗ Flexeserve Website: https://www.flexeserve.com ┬╗ Flexeserve LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/company/flexeserve/ ┬╗ Flexeserve Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/flexeserve/?hl=en ┬╗ Flexeserve Twitter: https://twitter.com/flexeserve ­čôžContact Flexeserve­čôž ┬╗ Submit an enquiry: info@flexeserve.com Flexeserve┬«, Flexeserve Zone┬«, Flexeserve Hub┬«, Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed┬« and Flexeserve Solution┬« are all registered trademarks of The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd.

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