Fram's History

A star and its planets ...

Re-Evolution and Research: the new worlds of FRAM

FRAM srl was founded in 1995 in Lecco - a hard-working town in the North of

Italy, near Milan, well connected to the main commercial areas, transport

infrastructures, airports and business centres – and it manufactures and trades

packaging items and printed paper.

At the beginning, the company focused almost exclusively on the furniture

industry and it later diversified its production to cover various sectors.

The company moved to Carate Brianza in 1998, where it opened new premises,

and in 2000 a new production site was established in the industrial area of


Thanks to the continuous growth and the expansion of the premises in Giussano,

Fram has become a more and more important company in Brianza.

In 2006, the partners Amerigo and Francesca Giovanzana decided to found a

new company, called Modulcart Srl. Based on a long experience in paper

processing, Modulcart began to produce a series of items for the pastry industry,

such as flat cardboard trays and discs under the brand Modulcart, and finally

approached the restaurant and catering industry thus manufacturing disposable

non-woven tablecloths under the brand Optima.

FRAM has therefore become a point of reference for the entire HoReCa market.

In 2015, the companies of the family Giovanzana started a merge project that

ended in January 2016.

On August 2019 the Giussano’s Factory was expanded for a total of 500m2 assigned for offices and 10.000m2 for production lines and warehouse.


Whatever the customers need, Fram is able to support them with qualified experts.

Fram has become a solid and technology-oriented company, able to gain the

loyalty of different types of national and international customers.

Fram is able to guarantee that every product meets high quality and innovation

standards; the accurate and timely controls allow the company to obtain absolute

and constant quality of the products in compliance with the delivery times.

Thanks to its utmost attention to the customer requirements, its long experience

gained over the years and its flexibility in meeting the customer needs, FRAM can

offer customized products as well as a full service, which starts with developing the

project to obtain the most appropriate solution, followed by a sampling process

that ensures production according to the arranged specifications.

Great capability in production and trade

Fram specialises in manufacturing, trading and printing of

fanfold corrugated cardboard.

Fram has recently implemented its production capacity with

cutting edge machines that allow the company to print,

match and treat the surface of paper rolls, plastic film and

non-woven fabric, ranging from 800 mm to 2500 mm width

and from 15 gr/sqm to 600 gr/sqm weight, thus reaching a

production capacity of more than 200,000 sqm/day.

Based on the long experience and continuous technological

updating, Fram can satisfy the widest requests of processing

raw materials to obtain rolls and support its customers

in choosing the best suitable products for each application.

Fram makes use of flexographic and rotogravure printing as

well as water-based inks, adhesives and surface coatings,

thus maintaining the characteristics of recyclability of

products, that are processed with a great environmental

awareness and the most innovative technologies.

The most recent family of products is the family of the disposable

non-woven fabric tableware under the brand Optima.

It is a complete set of tableware items such as napkins,

tablecloths, runners and place mats. The Optima products

combine the touch of the best fabrics with the hygiene of

disposable paper, thus replacing the traditional cloth napkin.

Thanks to their premium characteristics, they help us avoid

any contact with bacteria and save energy, water and detergents,

thus preserving our environment.

All items are certified by the respective authorities making

them suitable and compliant with the applicable laws on skin

contact as well as food-safety

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