Atlantico, sheer relaxation

Created with ergonomic shapes that ensure even and flexible weight distribution, the sunlounger Atlantico has a backrest that reclines to 4 different positions. The fully lowered position provides a flat surface ideal for sleeping or sunbathing, whereas the other positions are ideal for reading, sipping a drink or simply... relaxing while admiring the view.

Elegant design, fiberglass resin and breathable fabric for the Atlantico sunlounger, a charming invitation to indulge in the sheer pleasure of relaxation.

On the beach, by the pool, on the terrace or in the garden, by the sea or surrounded by nature, Atlantico offers true comfort, a chance to relieve tension and lie in the sun.

Designed with a load-bearing arch shape that is a distinctive feature of the entire frame, Atlantico has rounded shapes and is entirely without sharp edges.

The high quality of the materials, fiberglass resin and perforated, breathable synthetic fabric, guarantees high resistance to weather conditions over time. The fabric, which has a transparent effect that leaves the elegant ribbing of the frame visible, is also replaceable.

Atlantico It can be moved on its small wheels, and two comfortable armrests, which can be ordered separately,  can be fitted.

The sunlounger is accompanied by Pop, a low table made of UV-treated and mass-coloured fiberglass resin which, like Atlantico, has rounded shapes without sharp edges. Under its top, Pop has another surface that, surprisingly, can be pulled out and become a useful tray.

Both products are stackable, easy to move and sanitize. They do not require any special maintenance at the end of the season and are recyclable.


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