The Plant

The structure of Pascal srl. is lean and simple, characterized by efficient, innovative and flexible production standards.

The complete automation of the production line, provided with a system of sensors and automated valves controlled by 5 PLCs, allows a high profitability, guaranteeing a production of 3,000 liters/hour (800 tons/month) with the supervision of only three operators.

The processing and packaging of the products takes place entirely in the North of Italy, at the Trofarello plant, close to Torino.

All the raw materials are Italian, mainly Piedmontese, in order to privilege the quality of the products thanks to the fast processing. The only foreign suppliers are related to the supplies of exotic raw materials (mango, vanilla).

Quality control is carried out internally, with its own staff, and it is a central node of the company structure, as the control of the supply chain and product ensures quality, freshness and organoleptic characteristics of excellence.

The company headquarters is the result of the transformation of a former pasta plant into a factory 4.0. to create an innovative UHT production line. With a surface area of 1,700 square meters, the plant is characterized by a strong automation and plurality of uses, ensuring an efficient, flexible and high quality production standard.

The flexibility of the production system has made it possible to develop - with an intensive R&D activity in just three years - more than 30 recipes including different kinds of UHT cream, ice creams and desserts. This is certainly interesting for third party processing or private label production which is proving to be growing.

The quality of the products is guaranteed by the special processing that allows a delicate treatment that does not alter the organoleptic components of the raw materials.

Pascal srl. is in a high-quality range with a competitive price due to the high technological level of the production plant and differs significantly from its competitors in the market for the characteristics of the manufactured products. 

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