The Production Process

The strenght of Pascal srl is the high technological level of the UHT line, based on an infusion sterilization system conducted according to the process parameters covered by the company European patent

The thermal sterilization of the product is carried out by pumping the product in an infusion chamber, in overpressure of culinary steam: a thermal flash at high temperature and for a very short period (less than 5 seconds) allows to sterilize the product safeguarding the chemical integrity of the naturally present aromas and avoiding that the constitutive sugars of milk, cream and fruit are caramelized by the prolonged action of the heat (not activating the Maillard reaction).

The process is controlled, with data recorded continously, by 5 PLCs and monitored in 52 temperature, pressure, flow control points: this level of technology allows a very delicate treatment that gives the sterilized product consistency, texture, taste and aroma such as to make them unique on the market, as evidenced both by the analitical controls conducted by the Department of Food Technology of the University of Turin, and the organoleptic tests of comparison with major competitors who do not adopt the process patented by Pascal srl.

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