Design by Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato

Caementum springs from Pedrali’s latest collaboration with Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato. This project combines Merendi’s architectural approach with Vencato’s world of design, giving rise to a primitive product characterised by an intrinsic delicacy.

Caementum is a monoblock concrete table specifically designed for outdoor use.
Through the addition of carefully selected additives, this highly resistant material guarantees excellent technical performance, including ease of cleaning, greater resistance to mechanical stresses and weathering, and low permeability to liquids and stains. This product stems from a new conception of the material used; from the desire to give cement a new look made of velvety surfaces and delicate details – a series of qualities not usually associated with products made from this material.
The table, available in two sizes and designed to create various compositions, can adapt to any context, especially outdoors, both in public and residential settings. Moreover, due to its weight, it can be used in areas marked by very strong winds, such as in a villa overlooking the sea. And yet, the inside of the base is hollow, making it easier to move. The surface of the base features the material’s typical blowholes, while the top is completely smooth, making it easier to clean. The base also comes with a protective nylon foot so as not to damage the surfaces on which it rests.

Caementum comes in three colours. The dye is mixed into the concrete with natural oxides to ensure the colours remain unchanged even when exposed for long periods of time to direct sunlight, frost or the salty sea air. Moreover, the production cycle is completely free of polluting substances, making exclusive use of water-based materials and natural powders to safeguard the health of production staff and end users, further confirming Pedrali’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


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