Design by Patrick Jouin

“During the design phase, we wanted to include some ‘unexpected’ elements, capable of providing rhythm, yet surprising and able to interpret a space. Ila is in fact a small sculpture.” (Patrick Jouin)

The elegant and high-quality Ila armchair is a refined piece of furniture with a strong personality, expressing utmost comfort, softness and sensuality. Its curved, flexible lines trace out a comfortable and enveloping silhouette.
The smooth, taut exterior in rigid polyurethane almost cocoons the user in its large volumes, allowing a moment of relaxation and escape from everyday life. This sense of protection is augmented by the inner side of the backrest and seat in flexible polyurethane foam, which adapts to the human body and envelops it just like a soft embrace. Ila’s versatility lies in the possibility of choosing a geometric and swivelling central base in the shape of a cone section, whose inclined design evokes dynamism and lightness, or a four-legs steel tube or solid ash wood frame available in different colours and finishes. Moreover, the version with a large headrest accentuates the sense of escaping from everyday life and adds character to the armchair. The headrest is shaped to create a private niche, pleasantly muffling external sounds and noises. Care and meticulous attention to detail are also highlighted by the fact that the Ila armchair was designed to be disassembled at the end of its life cycle, allowing for the correct disposal of its components. The seating is composed by three elements which allow the cover renewal, giving second life to the product.

The wooden elements are FSC® C114358 certified and painted with water-based paints of plant origin. The use of raw materials sourced from certified forests and of water-based paints made principally from plant-derived resins is a guarantee of our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


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