Our sustainable packaging solution for rosteries: The wooden white label capsule

You are searching for a sustainable white label capsule for your coffee? Talk to us!

Fully biobased packaging as a natural solution
Our coffee capsules are made from natural PEFC-certified wood fibres, which we obtain as a waste product from the wood processing industry, and the fully bio-based biopolymer PLA. This means that our capsule is verifiable 100 % biobased, as confirmed by DIN Certco. 

A trend towards fresh, regional, and unpacked products
Sustainability and naturalness are the attributes that matter to customers. A multi-year shelf life in the style of canned goods is unnecessary with today‘s efficient supply chains.

Designed for decomposition
The hydrophilic properties of the wood fibers allow rapid absorption of moisture and this immediately after preparation of the coffee through the interaction of pressure, brewing water and heat. This supports the rapid and complete decomposition of the capsule. 

Closing the cycle by returning to nature
Since our capsule consists exclusively of natural raw materials, it can be returned to nature after use without concern. Be it by means of composting or through energetic utilization.


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