Serve up to 200 portions of 200 gr per hour

Sous vide is widely known for precise time/temperature controlled cooking, but it has always been restricted to a small amount of servings. Until now! Operators can now serve hundreds of portions with the same precision as a typical countertop sous vide tank. The SmartVide XL cooker and 120P Precision Rethermalizer Tank are designed to help foodservice professionals with productivity, menu versatility and culinary quality. 

Why should I use it?

  1. Production: Up to 200 servings of 200 gr per hour.
  2. Menu versatility: Several meals can be retherming simultaneously in the same bath.
  3. Culinary quality: Preserves quality of the product and enhances flavor and texture.
  4. Precision: To obtain extremely consistent results.
  5. Easy HACCP control: Allowing to export or print results of each cycle.
  6. Janby Ready: Control cooking & retherming times of each product independently.


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