Ronal: Expanding Horizons in Commercial Refrigeration

Four Decades of Excellence and Growth in the Horeca Industry

Over four decades ago, in 1978, a group of experienced professionals in the commercial refrigeration industry decided to establish Rodrigues & Nascimento, Lda. This pioneering initiative positioned the company as one of the first domestically owned factories producing equipment for the Horeca sector.

Throughout the years, Rodrigues & Nascimento worked diligently to solidify its presence in the domestic market by offering quality solutions for various segments within the food and beverage industry. Their focus on continuous product improvement and attentive customer service allowed the company to build a strong reputation.

In 2013, Rodrigues & Nascimento took a significant step forward by being directly acquired by a group of companies with related interests. Under new management, the company decided to adopt a new brand: Ronal Cool Tech. This strategic change reflected the company's vision for expansion and growth.

Through the acquisition, Ronal Cool Tech gained access to additional resources and shared expertise within the group of companies. This enabled the company to strengthen its position in the domestic market and expand its international presence. The quality of Ronal Cool Tech products and its ability to offer customized solutions to commercial partners drove business growth, including a significant increase in exports.

Ronal Cool Tech not only focused on becoming a leading company in its sector but also committed itself to being a "state of the art" industry in terms of innovation and technology.

Throughout the years, the story of Ronal Cool Tech has been defined by its entrepreneurial spirit, manufacturing excellence in refrigeration equipment, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a forward-looking vision, Ronal continues to establish itself as a benchmark in the industry, constantly striving for improvement and innovation to meet the ever-evolving demands of the market.


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