Some solutions to dose and to pack biscuits and sweets

CIA Italian Packing Machines

BG Easy kiss is suitable for granular products and semi-powders, for small and medium weights. 

Minisealing machine, suitable for all heat-sealable bags. Simple and fast, it prints also on the edge of the bag the expiry date, production date and lot number.

 ✅ BG Easy, you select the weight and in a very short time it’s possible to dose and fill bags, jars, boxes, quickly and accurately. 

BG37, electronic automatic packing machine managed by PLC. Anti-crumbs system and many other options available. Ideal for biscuits, sweets, granular and many other products. Editable functions through touch screen. 

✅To finish we present our automatic packing machine step by step with manual loading, that allows to form and fill 4 sealing bags. Ideal for single dose bag. Many useful machines for weighing and packaging biscuits, candies, chocolates, confetti and many other sweets. CIA Confezionatrici, so many convenient solutions to dose and pack your products.

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