20 years of success

Over 300,000 machines produced each year, over 160 active service centres in Italy, the first half of 2021 ended with a 60% increase compared to the previous year. These are just a few facts and figures about Didiesse, a company specialising in the production of espresso coffee machines, dedicated to the consumption of pods. A company that has managed to establish itself as one of the most popular brands among consumers in just 20 years. It is currently managed by the partners Fulvio Di Santo, who is also its sales and marketing director, and Massimo Renda, the founder of Caffè Borbone, and by Ciro Perrella, a long-standing member of the company, who is in charge of administrative management. 

Founded in Naples in 2001, Didiesse took its first steps in the Vending sector and in the OCS (Office Coffee Service) channel, soon becoming a reference point for the offices, which have appreciated the quality and efficiency of the services offered over time. Through the years, the company has also explored the Ho.Re.Ca. channel, a market referring to public establishments and focused on the administration of food and beverages. It is one of the main channels, which fosters the consumption of “Out of Home” coffee, that is beyond the domestic walls. Today, the strong points of Didiesse are the speciality and private shops, the main channels of the large-scale electronic distribution, where it has been present for four years, and the growth in the online channel, which accompanies the constant increase in brand awareness.

Didiesse offered an efficient and fast system to obtain a very high quality espresso coffee at home, by launching, in 2006, the Frog, a machine that has revolutionised the concept of design and marked the company’s change of course. Today, 16 years after its debut, the colourful Frog is still the company's strong point and one of the most popular products among Italian coffee lovers, relying on quality, practicality and safety. Since its launch, many products have followed one another until 2019, a year that marked another crucial moment, thanks to the launch of the Didì espresso coffee machine, with more compact dimensions, characterised by the very useful "stand by" mode and the peculiarity of registering the lowest energy consumption in its category. Didiesse, which is always in step with the times, right from the beginning, has produced models of espresso coffee machines in line with the market, focusing on the pod: the most ecological way to sip a good coffee. For this reason, with its team of experts, every day it works to improve its product range and to make its packaging increasingly innovative and sustainable. The pod system also enables you to prepare and serve a perfect espresso, just like at the café, in the fastest and easiest way, guaranteeing the freshness of the coffee and keeping the aroma and fragrance unchanged.Every detail of the Didiesse machines is designed and produced to ensure the highest levels of resistance, manageability, and, above all, ad hoc maintenance. What makes them even more special is the guarantee that they are 100% Italian - made products, thanks to partners that are mainly from Campania (70%), another desire of the company, which loves to collaborate with those who have Neapolitan espresso, one of the main symbols of Neapolitan culture, in their DNA. Last May, Didiesse celebrated its first twenty years of business by changing its headquarters, which continues to be located within the ASI Consortium in Pascarola, Caivano, just outside Naples, but with a new building consisting of 2,200 indoor sq. m. , and 5,000 outdoor sq. m. . In conjunction with this extension, there has also been a redesign of the brand identity, an increase in the number of staff, an enhancement of the customer service and the start of the use of an FSC packaging, an international brand, which guarantees that the cardboard used comes from responsible forests and supply chains, subject to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Other certifications that Didiesse can boast include: ISO 9001, which concerns quality management systems in the workplace; the CE marking or European Conformity for products; and MOCA, relating to materials and objects that come into contact with food. It is also one of the few companies in Italy that can boast the safety mark and the CCC certification, which is specific for the distribution of goods on the Chinese market and it was recently obtained, by successfully passing all the suitability tests. In addition to this year's many achievements, there is also the Quality Award 2021, a very special prize, because it was awarded by consumers, with 300 "judges" who preferred the Didiesse pod espresso machines in a blind selection, that is without being influenced by the brand.The first half of 2021 ended positively for the company, with record numbers achieved and a 60% increase, compared to the previous year. This result is in line with the trend of recent years whereby more and more consumers have converted to single-serve coffee pods. This trend was accentuated during the Covid emergency, as a result of the considerable reduction in "out-of-home consumption " and the need to enjoy a coffee that is as good as that from the coffee bar, even at home. “ Our next objectives - explains Fulvio di Santo - include bringing the pod culture, which is currently rooted above all in Southern Italy, to Northern Italy, as well as helping everyone understand the peculiarities of the pod itself, which is the one that most closely resembles a coffee bar espresso and that boasts an undeniable plus in terms of sustainability. In addition to the domestic market - concludes Di Santo - Didiesse also intends to intensify the process of internationalisation of the brand ".

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