Neumärker Made in Germany quality!
For over 100 years, waffle makers have been handmade at the Neumärker manufactory. Our catering waffle makers have proven themselves among professionals over many decades. Equipped with a digital timer, you can always replicate perfect baking results with a Neumärker waffle maker. Durable and reliable: This is what our Made in Germany manufactory quality stands for!

SWiNG! The turning makes the difference: The turning after filling entirely allocates the dough within the baking plates. The direct contact to the baking plates creates a nice colour and and aesthetic shape. The outer layer works similar to a sealing and keeps the moisture inside the airy waffle.

• The new model: Removable baking plates facilitate the cleaning
• New handle design for a better accessibility of the hoods while cleaning
• 180° left/right pivoting for optimal dough distribution
• Digital timer
• Drip tray

Waffle Fries Baking Plates
The sweet waffle sticks are the perfect snack for a walk through the city or a visit on a Christmas market.

• Fun design: Witty shaped waffles as local cult snack
• Originality: Distinguish your business from competitors wit an exceptional product
• High profit: The fancy waffles animate your customers to buy with a high willingnes to pay
• Customer loyalty through a unique product
• Little space requirements: Perfect for the mobile application or as addition in a shop
• For 15 waffle sticks of 120 x 12 x 12 mm
• Non-stick coated Aluminium

SWiNG Baking System with Waffle Fries Baking Plates

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