Neumärker Made in Germany quality!
For over 100 years, waffle makers have been handmade at the Neumärker manufactory. Our catering waffle makers have proven themselves among professionals over many decades. Equipped with a digital timer, you can always replicate perfect baking results with a Neumärker waffle maker. Durable and reliable: This is what our Made in Germany manufactory quality stands for!

The best waffle maker we have ever made

  • Touch Injury Protection vacuum hood: Optimal heat insulation through a vacuum inside the hood. Particularly energy-efficient. The reduced external temperature of the hood prevents burn injuries.
  • Smart Energy Control: Up to 33% energy saving in comparison to professional waffle makers without this innovative Neumärker technology. The upper and lower baking plates are individually controlled and adjusted. Enormous reduction of power consumption achieved. Uniform and constant temperature of both baking plates.
  • Digital timer: Adjustable to the second. With acoustic signal. Ensures consistently perfect baking results.
  • Digital control of temperature and baking time.
  • Easy-to-clean and durable electronic control panel made of Lexan® polycarbonate.
  • Innovative surface heating element: Direct contact with the baking plate over the entire surface. Optimal, quick and uniform heat transfer to the baking plate. Insulated on the back to minimise heat loss. Integrated temperature sensor and reusable thermal fuse to protect against overheating.
  • Baking plates (Technology): CAD-optimised design. Aluminium casting through gravity die casting process. CNC-controlled finishing of the raw casting. Modern PTFE coating for easy removal of the waffles without sticking.
  • Baking plates (Features): Openings in the top baking plate allow steam to escape so that the waffles are baked perfectly from above and below. Batter overflow protection for clean working. Removable baking plates create a future upgrade option and are particularly well suited for maintenance.
  • Cut-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, colourfast, robust, hygienic, long-lasting. The enamel coating of the vacuum hood protects the Galaxia from the dangers of everyday life and ensures that your waffle maker still looks new even after years of use.
  • Heavy and stable base made of cast aluminium with a robust powder coating.
  • Rubberised, non-slip feet.

Neumärker Galaxia® - The best waffle maker we have ever made

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