This outdoor kitchen, grilling instrument and luxury tool called – Diamant Grill® – commences a new age of grilling history. The symbiosis of unique design and cutting the edge technology extends the possibilities of outdoor cooking remarkably.

A centuries old way of cooking called Kamado and the high-value German from our manufactory craftsmanship make the Diamant Grill® a premium device and instrument for part-time cooks, star chefs and foodies.

First German Stainless Steel Kamado
The Kamado principle is an ancient method of cooking which has its origin in India.

Ready for indirect Cooking
Indirect cooking while working with slow temperatures maintains important nutrients within the food.

Grilling, smoking, barbecueing, roasting, baking and steaming on one outdoor kitchen.

With the same amount of wooden charcoal the Diamant Grill® can be used at least 3 times longer than ordinary grills. The massive steel ring retains the heat.

Ultra-fast heating up time: After approx. 25 min. ready for usage at high temperatures due to the funnel principle.

Easy temperature control through two seperated air shafts.

Neumärker Made in Germany quality!
For over 100 years, kitchen appliances have been handmade at the Neumärker manufactory. Our catering equipment has proven itself among professionals over many decades. Durable and reliable: This is what our Made in Germany manufactory quality stands for!

We are proud of proceeding with our production site in Germany and we are certain that you - as a future Diamant Grill® fan - will appreciate that. To maintain a production in Germany means having the courage to compete with the low-cost competition and to define oneself through high-level craftsmanship and quality.

Founded in the year 1894 our company looks back on a long tradition while never neglecting the future progress. Every Diamant Grill® results from a complex production process and is completely hand-made in Germany. Every diamond is a unique product of our manufactory. Located in the green idyll of the Germany, it‘s here where the nature-close product comes to life.

Diamant Grill®

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