Express blending and freezing


Express blending and freezing is the most natural method possible for making express gelato, soft serve, frozen yogurt, frozen beverage, desserts and frozen patisserie treats.
The product is served immediately after the blending/freezing process. Freshness is guaranteed thanks to such a short period between production and delivery.
The flavours benefits from this too, as it is served at the perfect temperature, between -6°C and -9°C, while the amount of additives used is lower than in other types of products.
Another reason why making excellent express gelato comes naturally is that the process is easy to learn 
and all you need is an express gelato Gel Matic machine. No need for a dedicated workshop. You can serve high quality products in the minimum of space, and with just a few members of staff. Water and electricity consumption levels are low, and wasted mixture is minimum.
The choice of raw materials is huge: you can use all that the market has to offer, adding fresh ingredients to powder mixes or UHT products.
A good express gelato is also good business. 

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