Gruppo Gimoka

Specialist coffee making company

Its main strength is maintaining control over the entire value chain.
With one Business Unit dedicated to ground coffee and beans and another one for portioned coffee, the company can meet all market needs, offering solutions for the professional channel and for household consumption.

In recent years, Gruppo Gimoka has undertaken a path of managerial growth and improving specialist skills, focusing on developing blends, process quality and investments in production and roasting plants, clearly confirming the boundaries of its core business: all coffee, whether it is ground, in beans or in single-serving packs.

Gruppo Gimoka in its current form has long-standing roots. In fact, its business project was founded towards the late 1980s, thanks to Ivan Padelli’s huge passion for coffee and business acumen. He is the founder and now president of a well-structured company which has grown over time thanks to numerous investments intended to strengthen its presence on the market and which, although it has grown considerably, has always been characterized by its value and passion for work, hallmark features and the epitome of the Made in Italy label. 

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