What makes Herrmann so special? What motivates us? We don't just want to bond materials, but most importantly the people behind them. From customers, partners and suppliers to employees and their families, all the way to our community, we want to bring together all those with whom we come into contact.

BONDING - MORE THAN MATERIALS is our central idea that unites us and drives us to perform at our best every day. It is the reason why our customers trust us. It is our WHY.

Our WHY shapes the way we work together at Herrmann. We call the path to anchoring it in our DNA the CULTURE JOURNEY. The great goal of this journey is nothing less than the excitement of our customers. In order to always have this goal in mind, we have developed our CJ Circle of Effects. It inspires us and shows us every day anew the most important steps on the way to our goal.

In order to inspire customers, our team must also be excited. That's why we have committed ourselves to collective values and norms that enable harmonious cooperation: Integrity, respect, passion and resilience. They form the rules of the game on which everyday life at Herrmann is based.

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