The newest project we brag about.... During year 2018 we had many projects and fresh ideas in mind. Still we brag too much for the following project which has succeed into all our expectations and more... MASTER FROST wanted to make the difference in the QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM.... The idea is unique and no other competitve company is folowing as far as we know and concern.... All our products before dispatch DO pass a REAL FUNCTIONING TEST, in which every single icemaker is been controlled by a dynamic PC machine, The PC incorporates with a high precision camera and icemaker is been functioning while the PC checks thoroughly the icemaker's system and the camera recording.. Every owner of a MASTER FROST icemaker can ask for the video of his/her icemaker during productin and passing the Quality Control... At the moment we run this with 3 Dynamic Cabinets, while we are enhancing the process with another 7 Cabinets till end of Octomber 2018...

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