Tableware International Award of Excellence 2023

"RYDGES" Collection by NARUMI

NARUMI's RYDGES has been selected as a winner of Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2023 among over 200 entries. NARUMI has become the winner in the Hospitality Dinnerware category for two years in a row.



“RYDGES” resulted from NARUMI’s several years of work on the theme of “Respect for Nature.” The designer began by imagining what it would be like if the earth were cut out and made into a plate.



It visualizes the undulations of the earth, created by sedimentation and orogenic movement, and the dynamic stripes that appear as the Antelope Canyon is eroded by wind and rain.



The dynamics of nature is expressed by uniquely uneven relief carefully carved on the white bone china. It serves as an ideal plate for a chef’s signature dish.

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