Clear boxes

The latest food design trends confirm it: the display cases at pastry shops, chocolatiers, delicatessens and gourmet food stores look increasingly like jewellers, with the products being presented with more and more elegant shapes and colours. In the confectionery sector, the eye also wants a treat: a sweet should not only be tasty, but must also be beautiful to create excitement and entice the customer. This means that product presentation a fundamental requirement, and its packaging in particular. PVC is the material that creates the most interesting aesthetic effect to enhance the visual quality of each sweet. In this section, we present a selection of PVC boxes whose transparency enhances the characteristics of cakes, mini pastries, pralines, macarons, cupcakes, traditional sweets and much more. Boxes for single portion cakes or pralines and boxes shaped like a pouch for chocolates are just some of the articles made with care and passion, aiming for Italian excellence. And what about artisanal products like homemade pasta? There’s no shortage of ideas here either: vertical PVC boxes in various sizes suitable for food packaging, for storage and presentation.

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