Beautiful, dishwasher safe and impact resistant, with MEMENTO SYNTH, Memento reinterprets itself in a new synthetic version of the original bally glass.

MEMENTO is the brand that has radically changed the conception and role of glassware, which evolves into a real means of expression and personal identification. Constant research in the field of glass staining allows us to create an exclusive, inimitable and highly personal colour range. 

MEMENTO ORIGINAL products are the result of an artisan manufacturing and blowing process, the guarantee of a series with unique characteristics, such as bubbles: small and spherical air bubbles trapped inside the glass itself. Bubbles that represent the distinctive mark of MEMENTO the original

These bubbles are now presented in a totally innovative version by MEMENTO SYNTH, the new collection that fully reflects the characteristics of the Memento drinking glass, thanks to the broad range of shapes and colours, reinterpreted in a new synthetic material. 

While everyone copies Memento, Memento is ready to surprise everyone by presenting a shockproof copy identical in every way to the original! 

UNBREAKABLE. Memento Synth glasses are very impact resistant, the perfect choice for outdoor use, use on boats or for children

UNMISTAKABLE BUBBLES. The distinctive feature of Memento are its bubbles

RECYCLABLE. Memento Original products are made of methacrylate, a material that can be completely recycled thus promoting separate collection and respect for the environment

DISHWASHER. Memento products are dishwasher safe

Since its inception, MEMENTO has made research and creativity the basis for redefining the categories of tabletop design, revolutionising the way the traditional drinking glass is conceived and establishing itself internationally thanks to its original character. Now Memento reinterprets itself. 




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