Memento Synth presents: BOWL, PITCHER and three new colours for GLASS

While for Memento Originale glasses the focus this year is on the revamped edition of the Shot liqueur glasses – larger than in the past – and the Goblet, characterised by the elegant contrast between the transparent glass of the stem and the colour of the glass, it is Memento Synth which starts 2023 by presenting a preview in Paris of 3 important novelties – available in shops in March – that further expand the proposal: the new colours available for the Glass water glass, the brand new serving Bowls and the Pitcher!

Launched two years ago, the glass jug with handle Pitcher immediately became a Must in the Memento Originale blown glass collection, The reference brand for the coloured glass paste glass, the one with the widest range of shapes (14) and the widest choice of colours (34). A valuable proposal, on show and recounted today in an entirely new catalogue.

A success destined to be surpassed by the methacrylate version. Available in 14 colours – Avio, Blue V, Deep Blue, Emerald, Light Blue, Lime, Mandarin, Orange, Petrol, Pink, Red, Turquoise, White and Yellow – the shape and style of the new Memento Synth Pitcher take its cue from the previous model, with the transparent handle enhancing the coloured body while providing a firm and secure grip. Lighter than its big sister, the plastic version is just as beautiful, and even more versatile.

Ten colours are available for the new serving Bowl: Avio, Deep Blue, Light Blue, Lime, Mandarin, Petrol, Red, Turquoise, White and Yellow. Inspired by the glass Big Bowl, but slightly lower, with a shape designed to enhance its characteristics of practicality and versatility, the new Memento Synth Bowl is suitable for many uses, perfect as a salad bowl or as a fruit bowl, to decorate the home with that characteristic touch of colour.

Beautiful and practical for everyday use, solid and hard–wearing for outdoor use, whether in the garden, at the campsite, on the boat or simply in the presence of children... the new shapes presented at Maison&Objet complete the Memento Synth range of methacrylate glasses, now consisting of: Glass tumbler/water glasses), Drink Glass (beverage/cocktail/beer glasses), Goblet (wine/beer glasses), Flute (champagne/sparkling wine glasses), Jug (cylindrical jugs without handles), Pitcher (jugs with handles), Bowl (salad bowls) and Small Bowl (fruit salad/ice cream).

Eight shapes that are now available in no less than 25 colours with the introduction in the Glass range – in shops from March 2023 – of 3 brand new, fresh and original shades. Peach, made by popular demand on the wave of the success of this colour in glass. Mint, a pastel shade that expands the proposal of greens and perfectly matches the new Touch– MeL Ficus melamine collection. Champagne, an elegant, clear and brilliant colour just like the wine, with which it shares the perlage (the bubbles).

«We can thus let ourselves go, almost a little helplessly, and allow ourselves to be enveloped by the power of colour; to have confirmation that, in our work, doing beautiful things and doing them well, even before being a business choice or a market strategy, is a personal necessity and a pleasure». Roberto Zani

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